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Saturday, July 27th, 2024

at the Lubbock Memorial Civic Center

6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
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1989–90 | 1990–91 State Champion Gymnastics Teams

Class of 2022

1989–90 | 1990–91 State Champion Gymnastics Teams | Lubbock High School | Gymnastics

Perfection doesn’t come around that often in sports, but it did with these two gymnastics teams from Lubbock High. Both teams were undefeated in all their competitions. The 1989-90 team was 55-0 and the 1990-91 team was 66-0. The two teams consisted of most of the same athletes and both teams won district, regional, and state championships. Even more impressive was that both teams garnered Elite All-American status. The 1989-90 team ended up fourth in the nation and the 1990-91 team placed first in the country with Elite Status. Team Members, on the 1989-90 team, were seniors Becky Marsh and Rhonda Kenley, along with juniors Lindsay Broome, Kayla Habbinga, Julie Hudson, Cassie Cramer, Tina Snowden, sophomore Heidi Weber, and manager Michelle Blanco. The 1990-1991 team consisted of seniors Lindsay Broome, Kayla Habbinga, Julie Hudson, Cassie Cramer, Tina Snowden, junior Heidi Weber, and manager Esther Barranda. As a team and individually this group was amazing. All of them earned Elite All-American Honors with national rankings in their best events. Those national rankings are listed here. Lindsay Broome: Balance Beam—15th and Floor Exercise—4th. Kayla Habbinga: Uneven Bars—18th, Floor Exercise—11th, and All Around—11th. Julie Hudson: Balance Beam—21st and Floor Exercise—14th. Tina Snowden: Vault—4th, Uneven Bars—3rd, Balance Beam—2nd, Floor Exercise—1st. Snowden was the #1 All Around Gymnast in the nation. Heidi Weber: Floor Exercise —20th. Cassie Kramer: All Around Gymnast specializing on the Uneven Bars and Floor Exercise. Lindsay Broome and Tina Snowden qualified for the Texas Senior High school State Team, which claimed the 1991 National Championship. The coaches for the teams were the wife and husband team of Laura Borchardt and Wally Borchardt. Head Coach Laura Borchardt was named State Coach of the Year and All American Coach of the Year in 1991. Anthony “Doc” Peppers was the trainer for both teams. Back to back undefeated seasons and state champions. It just doesn’t get any better than that.
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