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Saturday, July 27th, 2024

at the Lubbock Memorial Civic Center

6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
For table sponsorship info: Call David Thetford – 806-777-0677
or send an email request to: [email protected]

Cal Lowry

Class of 2019

Cal Lowry | LISD Community Supporter

For 21 years, Cal Lowry supported and encouraged the athletes, students, coaches, and teachers at Coronado High School. He was the ultimate servant and encourager. From 1987-2008, “Coach Cal,” as he was affectionately known, was positively impacting the lives of hundreds and hundreds of people of all ages on the Coronado campus and beyond. Before coming to Coronado, Cal spent three years in the Marine Corps where he coached and played football. He also served on the staff of the Federal Prison System as a coach and athletic director for 14 years. Cal spent another 14 years at Webb Air Force Base in Big Spring where he was in charge of physical training. In 1987, he came to Coronado to work as an aide in the Special Education Department, which was an opportunity for him to continue to serve and help others. For Cal, his passion for athletics and helping young athletes did not subside. He began to “hang around” the athletic department, and it was not long before he was put to work as a volunteer assistant coach. Coach Butch Henderson (Head Football Coach) put Cal in charge of the deep snappers, telling him “They’re yours to coach.” Coach Cal took great pride in helping these young men hone their skills in a very important facet of the game. His quiet but encouraging coaching technique brought out consistently good performances by the young men he worked with. When basketball season rolled around, Cal found himself keeping the scorebook for the boys’ team. And when basketball transitioned to baseball, you would find Cal in the dugout keeping the scorebook for the baseball team as well. It should be noted that he took great pride in how those books were kept. You would never find a stray pencil mark on a score sheet, and you could be sure that the totals were always completely accurate. Coach Cal was known for writing beautiful encouraging notes (they were actually letters) to individual athletes, coaches, and others. He had a unique ability to brighten one’s day. Just being around this gracious Christian man made everything seem better. Former Head Football Coach Butch Henderson, said of Coach Lowry, “He has the ability to make kids believe in themselves, and he finds the good in all that they do. His life touched more young people at Coronado than any person I have witnessed. The athletic world talks about impact players, but I tell you, this is an Impact Man.” Ryan Owen, a former Coronado baseball and football player, called Coach Cal a truly great man and added, “He has a calming affect that has a tremendous impact on how players perform. There are only a select few men that I respect as much as Coach Cal.” Hall of Honor Member, and former Coronado Baseball Coach John Dudley, stated that he found great comfort, patience, and strength from working with Coach Cal. Dudley added, “If you want to see how a Godly man looks and acts, look at Coach Cal.” Coach Cal Lowry was a gracious and compassionate Godly servant to all of those with whom he came in contact. He was truly a unique and special man.
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